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Packaging accessories | Embalajes Echeberria

Embalajes Echeberria S.L. offers a wide range of accessories and special fittings to facilitate the transportation of your products.

Accessories are just as important as the type of packaging you choose, as they will make it easier to transport your goods and avoid problems.

Packaging accessories include products for locking, insulating or sealing goods for transportation.

kinds of packaging accessories

What kinds of packaging accessories are available?


Packaging accessories: protectors

If your products need to be wrapped to protect them and absorb impacts, as well as to prevent them from accumulating dust and dirt during the transport process, we offer cardboard rolls and bubble wrap.

Products are also available to fill the space between the product and the box to protect it from impacts. At Embalajes Echeberria S.L., we use products such as eco-friendly packaging filler, Airmove compressed air bags or air cushion sleeves for smaller products.

Types of protectors:

  • Rolls of bubble wrap in different widths
  • Rolls of bubble wrap + Kraft paper
  • Rolls of bubble wrap + foam
  • Rolls of foam in different thicknesses
  • Rolls of corrugated cardboard in different widths
  • Polypropylene and PVC seals
  • Manual and automatic stretch film
  • Tar paper, Kraft paper, silk and hemp twine

Packaging accessories: wooden frames

Embalajes Echeberria S.L. offers wooden frames for packaging, which are among the most highly demanded modular solutions in the world. They take up very little space because their 4 or 6 stainless steel hinges make them fully collapsible.

Our wooden frames comply with standard measurements, are very flexible and offer all the benefits of modern packaging. Both the rings and the lids can be easily replaced if they are damaged and Embalajes Echeberria S.L. offers an after-sales service supplying spare parts.

The frames are also highly resistant with an ergonomic design.

Wooden frames | Can be made to measure, or you can purchase the standard packaging in stock:

  • 800x600x200 mm
  • 1200x800x200 mm
  • 1200x1000x200 mm

We comply with phytosanitary standards for international exports.

wooden frames

Packaging accessories: protective profiles and corners

At Embalajes Echeberria S.L., we take great care to provide additional protection for your products to avoid bumps or friction while they are being transported and distributed.

Packaging accessories: handles and reinforcements

Handles and reinforcements facilitate transportation, making it much safer, more comfortable and more reliable. They also help to maintain the product in position in its box. At Embalajes Echeberria S.L., we offer handles with and without reinforcements that are suitable for any perforated packaging, with a set of grips for passing the strap through.

Our protectors are 100% eco-friendly

Custom solutions for industrial wood packaging

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