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Embalajes Echeberria S.L. designs packaging for sectors such as the automotive industry, aviation, electronics, dangerous goods and wind energy.

All our packaging is designed to fulfil a specific purpose and to meet the requirements of each sector.

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Packaging for the automotive industry

The automotive industry requires packaging to protect vehicle parts and ensure that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. This means that the packaging must be sufficiently robust and resistant.

Embalajes Echeberria S.L. manufactures packaging that has been specifically designed for the automotive industry. Our packaging offers maximum protection and guarantees safe transport and storage.

The packaging we produce also protects vehicle parts from marks, scuffing and shine throughout the transport process.

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Packaging for the aviation sector

Our packaging for the aviation sector is specially designed to meet our customers’ high quality standards.

Embalajes Echeberria S.L. manufactures custom solutions for the aviation industry using materials such as cardboard, fibreboard and wood. Our highly skilled staff are experts in the sector and apply specific techniques to ensure that the contents of your packages are safe and protected.

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Packaging for the electronics sector

Electronic products require packaging in different sizes for transportation. We provide custom packaging solutions to meet our customers’ needs, with a fast turnaround and strict adherence to delivery times.

Our packaging offers extra protection to ensure that your products reach their destination without being damaged. Depending on your packaging needs, you can select one of our standard designs or commission a custom-made design. At Embalajes Echeberria S.L., customers are free to select the solution most suited to their needs.

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Specialist packaging for dangerous goods

Dangerous goods require special protection while they are being transported. In this case, packaging must comply with the applicable legislation and be certified for this purpose.

Our packaging fulfils the standards that guarantee that dangerous goods are transported safely.

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Packaging for the wind energy sector

Embalajes Echeberria S.L. produces custom packaging solutions for wind equipment and systems that are designed to reduce logistical costs and minimise the environmental impact.

We guarantee high quality at every stage in the manufacturing process and offer customers personalised advice to determine the best packaging to suit their needs.

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