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Embalajes Echeberria | Industrial cardboard packaging

We are a market leader in industrial packaging with experience stretching back over 50 years. Find out more about our wide range of products and services for all packaging types.

We design and manufacture made-to-measure cardboard boxes offering guaranteed security and low costs.

We use corrugated cardboard for our industrial packaging solutions, which are intended for bulk, single-unit and groupage transport.

Our cardboard packaging is completely customisable and is made to suit our customers’ needs. A team of experienced specialists will help you to find the right product for you, looking for the best option to reduce costs to a minimum.

Cardboard boxes are considered single-use packaging.

Cardboard is made from many layers of paper, making it hard-wearing and resistant yet light and easy to store.

Our boxes come in different shapes and sizes and can be easily customised.

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Embalajes Echeberria S.L. manufactures all kinds of cardboard packaging to suit our customers’ needs:

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Heavy-duty cardboard packaging

Heavy-duty cardboard packaging for transporting merchandise is resistant and able to withstand tougher conditions, easy to incorporate into the logistics chain and environmentally friendly.

Our heavy-duty packaging is custom designed and manufactured from corrugated cardboard in different thicknesses (single, double, triple and quadruple). The exterior can be personalised to suit the customer’s needs.

This type of packaging allows you to take full advantage of the space inside and the mode of transport used to carry as much merchandise as possible in optimum conditions.

Cardboard box pallet for industrial transport

Box pallets are specially designed for transporting large merchandise around the world and are made from corrugated cardboard.

This large industrial packaging solution is made entirely from corrugated cardboard and is 100% recyclable.

Box pallets with custom interiors:

In all our box pallets, the interior can be adapted to fit the products being transported.

Box pallets are very stable and safe when stacked. They are delivered folded and are easy to assemble and dismantle.

Standard cardboard packaging for the automotive industry

We offer industrial cardboard packaging for the automotive industry that meets the specifications of the main original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Our extensive product range includes customised models to suit each customer.

We use the latest manufacturing technology to fulfil our orders to a tight deadline to meet our customers’ needs.

Cardboard packaging is an excellent option for storing goods in a warehouse and keeping them in perfect condition. It is also recommended for transporting delicate goods due to its hard-wearing, robust nature.

Uses and purposes

  • Packing lightweight and medium-weight materials.
  • Superior protection for logistics and courier shipments.
  • Refrigerated transport.
  • Storage units.
  • Compatible with Inka, ratioPal and Euro pallets.

Industrial cardboard packaging solutions for bulk, single-unit and groupage transport.

Custom solutions for industrial wood packaging

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