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Industrial wood packaging | Embalajes Echeberria

Embalajes Echeberria S.L. designs wood packaging to protect your products from extreme conditions while they are being transported. Our collapsible, stackable packaging is made from plywood board and steel.

Wood packaging weighs very little. It is easy to transport and assemble. It can also be easily stacked to avoid storage problems. Our packaging is reinforced with steel profiles, making it more robust.

Wood packaging is ideal for exports and sea transport. It is made to measure and complies with international phytosanitary standards.

This type of packaging is practical, environmentally friendly and competitively priced. Wood is a durable, reusable product that can be recovered and recycled. It also provides thermal insulation and is highly resistant to fire, making it a high-quality material for packaging.

Wood can be repaired easily. If a part breaks, it can easily be changed. Other materials are harder to repair and may have to be replaced completely.

Wood packaging has an excellent resistance-to-weight ratio that is found in few other materials, making it an ideal option for transporting heavy or delicate products.

Embalajes Echeberria S.L. offers a range of wood packaging solutions:


CL CONT-PERF Wooden Pallet Transport Solution

The CL CONT-PERF model comprises a folding central body, a lid and a pallet. The latter two elements slot into the central body, making it highly resistant and adaptable.

This wood packaging is intended for exports and transportation and is made from plywood board and steel. It is stackable and designed to protect merchandise during the transport process.

This packaging complies with the ISPM 15 international phytosanitary standard, so it can be exported anywhere in the world.


LG CONT-PERF Wooden Pallet Transport Solution

The LG CONT-PERF model is made up of a folding central body, a lid and a mounted base. The three parts are assembled using metal tabs.

This wood packaging can be made to measure, or you can purchase the standard packaging in stock:

  • 580x380x380
  • 780x380x380
  • 780x580x380
  • 780x380x580
  • 780x580x580
  • 980x580x580
  • 1180x780x580
  • 1180x780x780
  • 1180x980x780

This model is perfect for merchandise that needs to be tightly secured and for types of transport that require extra security.


FL CONT-PERF Wooden Pallet Transport Solution

The FL CONT-PERF model comprises a large folding central body, a lid and a mounted base.

This model can be easily reused. It is very simple to assemble and dismantle as the body can be folded inside the lid and base.


PLG CONT-PERF Wood Packaging for Large Goods

The PLG CONT-PERF model is designed for packing large goods. It comprises six pieces that are easily assembled using metal tabs.

This model is ideal for sea transport, offering a good return on investment and streamlined logistics.

Our wood packaging can be used for international transportation in a variety of sectors.

It is suitable for transportation in:

  • Automotive industry (CKS, gearboxes, bumpers, front ends, wiring, spare parts, steering systems, braking systems, suspension systems, engines, etc.)
  • Energy sector (photovoltaic panels, electrical cabinets, components, etc.)
  • Electrical sector (wiring, electromedical equipment, circuits, transformers, generators, etc.)
  • Telcommunications (cabinets, mobile phones, base stations, transmission products, UPS systems, etc.)

Custom solutions for industrial wood packaging

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