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Special packaging is designed for transporting products that are particularly fragile or require special care due to their characteristics.

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Types of packaging and uses

Technical packaging

Technical packaging

Technical packaging is designed for use in transporting and handling products that are particularly fragile or have specific characteristics. This may be medical and sanitary equipment, rescue equipment, special telecommunications equipment, audiovisual equipment, etc.

This packaging is made to measure on our premises. Due to the special requirements of this type of packaging, the interior may be made from foam or soft plastic so that it adapts to the products being transported and prevents them from sliding around inside the packaging.

Packaging for dangerous goods

Packaging for dangerous goods

This packaging is specially designed to guarantee the safe transport of hazardous materials such as toxic gases, corrosive substances or flammable liquids.

It must be certified and clearly labelled in compliance with the relevant legislation.

Special cardboard packaging

Special cardboard packaging

Special cardboard packaging is made to measure according to the specifications of the product to be transported.

This packaging is reinforced at critical points to offer extra protection, guaranteeing that the product can be safely loaded, transported and unloaded.

Special cardboard packaging is in very high demand as it uses lightweight, inexpensive cardboard and is ideal for transporting and handling items such as car parts.

Special custom-made wood packaging

Special custom-made wood packaging

Custom-made wood packaging is used for special formats.

Our wood packaging is treated so that it complies with the ISPM 15 international phytosanitary standard if it is to be transported internationally.

The boxes are stamped to certify that this treatment has been applied.

Our special wood packaging is made at our factory in Vitoria and protects your products while they are being transported and handled.

Special custom-made wood packaging

Special plastic packaging

We offer plastic containers with optional interior fittings in a variety of materials. These recyclable containers are made to fit each product.

Our industrial plastic containers are collapsible and feature interior fittings tailored to the characteristics of the product (cushioning foam, flexible dividers, plastic positioners, etc.).

Options for interior fittings in our special plastic packaging:

  • Flexible dividers
  • Rigid dividers
  • Foam interiors
  • Conductive interiors

Custom solutions for industrial wood packaging

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