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    Mixed packaging

Mixed packaging is made from a mix of cardboard and wood.

Wood is used for the structure of the packaging to make it more robust, and cardboard is then added to cover the wood. Cardboard is semi-rigid and flexible, which helps it to withstand impacts.

Mixed packaging is robust and lightweight. It is suitable for air, sea and land transport of light and heavy goods. It is smaller and weighs less than other packaging, so it is an excellent option for transporting medium-sized and large products.

Embalajes Echeberria - Mixed packaging

0709 Mixed Industrial Packaging

This type of packaging is specially designed for medium to large products, as it is highly resistant and secure.

Our mixed packaging made from cardboard and wood is completely customisable to facilitate transport and logistics for very long, solid or heavy industrial products.

Offering maximum protection and minimum bulk, the 0709 model is well-balanced.

This packaging is fully stackable, allowing large quantities of products to be transported and saving time and costs on assembly and logistics.

0501P Mixed Industrial Packaging

The 0501P mixed packaging is one of the best designed, most practical solutions on the market.

These mixed industrial boxes made from cardboard and wood are fully recyclable and are available in double and triple-wall cardboard in different qualities.

One of the advantages of this mixed packaging is that it saves space during transport and storage. No special tools are needed to assemble the packaging and anyone can do it without difficulty.

Embalajes Echeberria S.L. offers a fully customised service and locks, hinges, wheels and other accessories can be added to our products according to customers’ needs.

Customisable interiors

The interior of our boxes can be customised with different designs and materials, such as foam, cardboard or plastic.

Custom solutions for industrial wood packaging

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